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If you have landed here after visiting other Pay Per Click, (PPC) pages, you may have noticed that hardly any mention the cost of their services. Most charge 15% of ad spends with a minimum fee.

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I don’t believe in that. I like to tell clients up front what they will be charged. For just £330 per month, you can have all of the services listed below. No contracts and you are free to leave at the end of any month.

  For £330 per month – I will implement the following:

I have worked in the web marketing industry since 2000. My company is run solely by myself so I don’t take on more clients than I can cope with, so I can give the necessary attention to my existing clients. I have room for just 3 more clients.

I think most business’s prefer to deal with one person who runs the operation themselves rather than most PPC companies who use top notch sales people to pitch their company which is eventually handed down to some junior fresh out of college.

Running my own business single handed does mean I am limited to a certain number of clients although it does allow me to work on every aspect of the process from the start of consultation right through to the end result.

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