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Google SEO SpecialistBackground on Google – The Market Leader:
The term (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation is something of misnomer. Google account for a massive 90% of UK Internet searches. (According to Hitwise).

You can see how the UK search landscape is dominated by Google and while it may be wise to go ensure your website is listed in Yahoo and Bing, it obviously isn’t where the volume of searches are performed. Google optimisation would be a more suitable term. This also applies to PPC (Pay per Click - paying for keyword positions & Click-thrus on Google). Google Adwords is also the dominant force in this area.

For this reason I will generally aim your website’s search engine marketing squarely at Google. That is not to say you won’t see your website appear on Yahoo and MSN. It’s just the number of searches from those two search engines won’t amount to much in comparison.


The underlying principle of search engine marketing is relatively simple – Choose the relevant keywords for your business – and either by PPC or SEO (having your website come in the top 10 of Google for given keyword) – which in turn sells your service or product to an interested party who in turn makes an enquiry with you which leads to a sale or some other end goal.

Organic search optimisation can possibly double the profit of websites providing a product or paid service although Pay per Click advertising is here to stay as a quick fix solution offering more visitors in a shorter space of time but usually at a greater cost. Every successful SEO campaign is rooted on the number of quality back links to your website. However there aren’t many quality websites that will give you free relevant links these days.

Gone are the days were you had a reciprocal links page were you exchanged links with other websites. Google places less importance on these kinds of back links. Google places a lot more importance on relevant one way back links to your website. We will always provide one way back links for you website.

One of the most common questions I receive is 'How long till I start to see results?'

Search Engine Positioning

It doesn't matter what industry you are involved in, or what techniques you follow, in all cases you will be a prisoner of time. In the vast majority of cases search engine rankings don't come overnight although I have seen established websites get a pretty good position in weeks via on page optimisation (altering web page titles, descriptions, image alt tags, etc.).

Most typically results will start to come within the first 3 months, improving over time depending on the age of the website.